4 Reasons to Get Fired Up About 'Refired' Not Retired Day

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March 1st is Refired, Not Retired Day. It is a day for those retired or close to retirement to start thinking about their next stage in life. It is a day not to reinvent, rekindle, and refire your life, focusing on what is ahead instead of what is behind you.

The day was founded by Phyllis May, who retired at age 55 after 34 years in the education field without a plan for the next stage of her life. After realizing she had no reason to stay where she was, she packed her belongings on March 1st, 1998, and made a move to Florida, where she began the next chapter of her life working in bed and breakfast, hosting a T.V. show, and even writing a book.So, whether you are close to retirement or already starting the next chapter of your life, below are a few reasons to get fired up about Refired and Not Retired Day.

1. It Is the Perfect Time for Reinvention

Have you always wanted to change some path you have chosen in life? Whether you want a different type of career, to travel, or to live in a different part of the country, get refired and reinvent yourself into the life you have always dreamed of.1

2. It Is a Great Time to Plan for Your Next Chapter

If you have not attained retirement age yet, then the day is the perfect time to make plans for your retirement and how you want to spend it. By having these plans and goals in mind, you may better know how to begin to work toward what you want.2

3. It's a Time to Explore New Hobbies

Whether you are ready to venture out and try new things or take up a hobby you have always been interested in, it may be the perfect time to get started. The sky is the limit, and with the extra time you have, you may be able to dedicate the time you need to master a new hobby.2

4. It Is a Good Time to Plan a New Adventure

If traveling has been your passion or you have some places you have dreamed of going but have not had the chance to make it there, now is the time to begin planning for that adventure. Determine what you may need to make your plans a reality and develop a plan to get to that goal.2

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