Retirement Planning

  • Evaluate pension plan structures, IRAs, Roth IRAs or qualified plans
  • Analyze distribution options for pensions
  • Calculate retirement plan benefits, including Social Security(fee)
  • Calculate IRS required minimum distributions (RMDs) and educate you on the regulations
  • Provide Roth IRA conversion calculations and advice

Investment Management Planning

  • consolidate investment paperwork
  • Provide 401 (k), 403(b) or 457 plan guidance
  • Evaluate investment alternatives and your risk tolerance
  • Explain investment ideas in a manner that makes it easy to understand
  • Provide secure on-line brokerage account
  • Provide annual asset allocation review and , as needed, account rebalancing
  • Conduct annual review of investment
  • Review your investment strategy to help maintain an individualized, high-quality portfolio
  • Create and review an investment strategy tailored to your needs

Emotional Support

  • Provide positive encouragement and motivation for effort and successes
  • Advise you to avoid reactive or emotional decisions which could negatively affect your portfolio
  • Support you through transitional phases: major illness, death, inheritance, job change, retirement, child birth, divorce, legal issues or other crises
  • Encourage you to save and invest
  • Evaluate your risk tolerance and help determine your tolerance for loss
  • Help you understand the various attitudes toward money and the financial decision-making associated with each of them
  • Address problems quickly
  • Provide friendly and knowledgeable support
  • Continue to seek out professional education to myself to better serve you

Economic Analysis

  • Provide economic and stock market updates and explain what it means to you
  • Help you evaluate the economic news to determine what you should and shouldn’t be concerned about

Provide Educational Information

  • Provide investment information with a comprehensive approach ( Forecast & Half-Time events)
  • Keep you up to date with product, service, strategy changes and improvements
  • Conduct semi-annual financial review meetings, with calls as needed in between
  • Provide appointment summary follow-up letters or emails, send weekly newsletters or updates

Financial Goal Planning (Fee)

  • Provide more confidence for financial matters, focusing on goals, priorities, direction and structure
  • Conduct annual planning evaluations and tracking of goals
  • Provide proactive follow up on action items
  • Develop, establish and track individual and family goals
  • Promote vacation planning and quality-of-life enhancements
  • Calculate net worth and review cash flow annually
  • Analyze debt structure and organization and assess lending opportunities
  • Evaluate mortgage financing, the economic benefits of refinancing, semi-monthly payment programs and PMI reduction strategies
  • Help prioritize your spending and prepare for potential pitfalls
  • Look for opportunities for additional savings

Cash Management

  • Evaluate current holdings and look for potential opportunities to increase returns on cash accounts
  • Help determine an appropriate amount of “easy-access” funds to have available for emergency or opportunity

Insurance Review

  • Evaluate current life, disability, long-term care, health, umbrella, property and look for opportunities for improvements or money savings

Employment Support

  • Explain how to best utilize employer benefits (pensions)
  • Analyze the economic benefits of employment offers
  • Evaluate stock options and distributions as well as restricted stocks

Self-Employment Issues

  • Evaluate current business insurance and provide options if needed
  • Provide referrals to business valuation specialist
  • Help you manage retirement plan tracking and maintenance: contributions made,contribution limits, profit sharing tax forms (5500), etc.
  • Provide information on business transition or succession strategies

College Planning

  • Research opportunities and help calculate college financial aid programs
  • Educate you on the various minor account ownership options: UTMAs, Education IRAs,529 plans, etc.

Estate Planning

  • Advise on the implementation and proper use of estate planning tools: wills, trusts or power of attorney *
  • Provide education and guidance on charitable giving alternatives
  • Review ownership and beneficiary designations on all accounts

Income Tax Issues

  • Provide information about tax-planning strategies
  • Simplify investment tax reporting
  • Discuss the benefits of optimizing your 401(k), or other retirement plan options
  • Provide capital gains and loss planning
  • Help you reduce taxation of Social Security benefits
  • Provide a year-end capital gains/loss analysis


  • Analyze the effects of inflation on your goals/plans
  • Provide referrals to CPAs, attorneys, mortgage brokers, etc.

*Please note Maheras Wealth Management and LPL do not provide tax or legal advice, or services.