Maheras Wealth Management serves executives, business owners, retirees and others in various stages of life transition.

Common characteristics of our clients include:

  • They lead a busy life and rather spend their valuable time on meaningful activities, spending time with their family, building a business, expanding their career, helping others
  • They want to take a comprehensive approach their finances, and recognize the value of financial process
  • They are open to discussing different investment options and exploring new strategies
  • Typically they avoid transactional relationship with frequent trading
  • They value independent advice from a firm that is not influenced by product sales goals or quotas and may ask a lot of questions to get a clear understanding of their investments
  • They are willing to recommend us to their family and friends

What to expect from us:

  • Prompt response to your requests to your telephone calls and e-mails
  • To explain any investment before purchased and consequently
  • Regular contact from our office including quarterly phone calls and regularly scheduled portfolio review meetings
  • Our commitment to you is to help you pursue your financial success